About me


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Kaleigh Bellio

I grew up in Denver, Colorado and spent my summers in New Orleans.  My mother worked for the airlines so I traveled throughout my youth.  I have a B.S. in Art History from Metropolitan State University in Denver. 

Though I currently live far from my family we are still very close.  Fortunately, my father is an avid cyclist so I was prepared for the Dutch cycling lifestyle after growing up in that culture. My stepmother has a Ph.D. in Food Science and is one of, if not the, foremost experts on quinoa in the world.  My mother was a flight attendant and helped facilitate and inspire my wanderlust.  My stepfather is a pilot.  My brother lives in Seoul, South Korea where he teaches English; and my sister lives in San Antonio, Texas but travels frequently for work. 

I love to read, hand-letter, walk, do hot yoga, ride my bike, attend concerts and art events, and meet new people.  I have been very lucky to meet a lot of incredible people from all over the world that continue to enrich my life.